Welcome to The Biome Podcast! In this episode, we’ll be taking a deep dive into the world of marine animals, exploring the fascinating lives of beluga whales and examining the complex anatomy of their eyes.

In the first section of the episode, we’ll shine a spotlight on beluga whales, also known as “sea canaries” for their unique vocalisations. We’ll explore their habitat, social behaviour, and feeding habits, and take a closer look at the challenges they face in the changing ocean environment. You’ll learn all about these beautiful creatures and gain a new appreciation for their intelligence and adaptability.

In the second section of the episode, we’ll delve into the technical side of zoology, exploring the eye as an organ and the differences between marine and terrestrial animal eyes. We’ll examine the adaptations that marine animals have developed to optimise vision in the challenging underwater environment, from the structure of their pupils to the properties of their lenses. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the intricate biological mechanisms that allow marine animals to navigate their world with precision and clarity.

So whether you’re a marine enthusiast, a budding zoologist, or simply curious about the natural world, join us on The Biome Podcast for an enlightening exploration of the lives of beluga whales and the fascinating biology of marine animal eyes.

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